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Branding & Strategy

 Brand must not be a reflection of  just you, but your audience and your relationship with them. It’s the culture you develop together. 

Using targeted creative and resonant messaging we’ll  effectively communicate  your message, and achieve your objectives.

Art Direction & Graphics

 From initial concept to finished form—advertising, marketing, television, or  Internet video we develop and unify the vision of your artistic production, and create the visual narrative.

We will create the visual narrative that will drive your marketing efforts forward.

Content & Copywriting

 Good copywriting provokes thought and ultimately elicits  response that results in most cases the purchase of a product or service.  Content is usually more subtle— longer term engagements with the reader,  toward developing a following. 

Lucky for you we do both.

Illustration & Cartoons

Good illustration can sometimes do more than video or motion graphics. It can evoke feeling and expressions that often cannot be expressed by other means.

Each viewer taking with them something uniquely their own. Don’t worry you’ll like the way it’ll look.


Paul Wakefield

He’s pretty smart" 

Saying he’s creative doesn’t really explain all that he does. Markus is what I call a passionate thinker.

It’s not enough for him to be creative, it has to make sense to the people seeing it. And more importantly it has to get people to act. I have hired him for a number of project and couldn’t be happier that I did.

Brian Berglund

"Brilliant creative”

I  describe him as a marketing genius. I could not (and would not) recommend anyone more for the development of creative or a marketing strategy or ad campaign. I’ve always thought a lot of his talent, but I didn’t know what it could do. I got myself an advertising agency wrapped up in one guy.

Hector Robles

"Thinks of everything” 

For the 10 year I have had Markus do work for our restaurant he’s always done more than we expected. Developing better and more inventive ways for us to reach out to customers and get them excited about our food and activities. We started with  the one restaurant but now he’s doing work for all seven.

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Call us and make an appointment + 1-925-497-2686

Brentwood, CA, 94513