The Challenge

In 2014 St. Andrew Jewelers faced a brand positioning problem. They weren’t top-of-mind for people making  their next jewelry purchase in Sun Valley Mall, and generally seen as a discount jeweler, customers went to them for savings and credit building rather than quality of selection. Of the four jewelers there, they were fourth in sales.

ew owner Brian Berglund had a different vision for his jewelry store realizing they were facing ever increasing competition from other jewelers like Shane & Co. and Kay Jewelers. What he had did not reflect the brand culture that he wanted to build.

Our solution to this was a brand re-imagined. To change the trajectory of the company as a locally recognized upper scale jewelry brand it would call for a fundamental 180º turn around. A brand that exuded vibrancy and style but also a sense of well established old world values, and re-characterizing everyday hard working class as holding the  true fruit of life, love.

We developed a classic look and feel, and made the empirical statements that would position the brand to speak with authority when proclaiming that “Love Conquers All”. And in doing so they went from number four in sales to number one.


The result of our efforts saw a near 270% growth in business in just two years and a television and online campaign that broke streaming viewership records with a retention rates of over 72%. But the best part, St. Andrew made their customers happy and proud.

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